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Gateway 3DS rom flash card

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Gateway-3DS.com the GATEWAY 3DS rom card review!

Gateway 3DS • Nintendo 3DS Rom Backup Card


R4 3DS Gateway card Read our Gateway 3DS card hands-on review »
  1. Unboxing Video
  2. Setup
  3. Review
  4. Features
  5. Compatibility with 3DS Roms
  6. 3DS Firmware requirements
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  8. Where to download game roms for Gateway 3DS


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Prepare the GW3DS card

As some may have guessed if you followed the hacking scene 3DS, this section will be the most substantial of review: the great simplicity of use that offered the latest flashcard for DS came from a troubled history of card Slot-2 and complex methods to load the ROM, which required a fair use of the PC in order to operate. Similarly, the first flashcard for 3DS shines not safe for convenience of use, but, in its defense, it is necessary to note that the method of preparation of the card and the ROM is not even the most complex and expensive in terms of time . Of course, this is not a simple drag-and-drop the ROM inside the SD, but the process takes a few minutes if done properly and is quite user friendly, thanks to a comprehensive online documentation and easy to consult.


gateway 3ds cards box

First of all: Watch! The flashcards at the time, only works with the 3DS firmware up to 4.1 ~ 4.5. Each newer version of the firmware Nintendo makes it unusable the Gateway.

  1. The first step in the preparation of the Gateway is to use the installer. This step is necessary depending on the card (which I will call "blue" from now on, referring to the R4i included in the package), and a microSD empty. The files required for the operation of the blue card are available, along with the manuals, on the site of the Gateway, and are organized in this way:


Once you've copied the files to the microSD card and inserted the blue in the 3DS, the device will be recognized by the system as the game Deep Labyrinth of Atlus
Apart from the system files required for the operation of the blue card (in the __ rpg there is any operating system, which also contains the file usercheat.dat for Action Replay codes and files for the DLDI auto-patching the ROM) , the only file really interesting with regard to the review the ROM. nds, ie GW_INSTALL.nds. This ROM contains the installer which you can see in the pictures below. At the start of ROM, a minimal screen to white text on blue (no jokes on windows) asks if we are ready to start the installer. Confirming the procedure is automatic and requires a few seconds, and once completed, we can turn off the console and remove the card from the slot of the blue 3DS. It should be noted that, for a holder of a flashcard compatible with firmware 4.1 ~ 4.5, it is not necessary to use the card in blue envelope, but you can copy the only ROM GW_INSTALL.nds in the root of your flashcard and start it with this.

  1. The second step is, manually speaking, more simple. Just copy the Launcher.dat file on the SD card that came with the 3DS, in the root of the memory. It is a simple drag-and-drop operation is completed in a few seconds. The file size is about 1 MB, so very light, and does not require as a result of free space on the SD, in the case of small memories (the one supplied with the 3DS is 2GB, while the XL version is exactly twice). The only trick recommended by the manufacturer of the card is to format the SD card with FAT32 file system.

    The preparation procedure of the console is now complete, nothing too laborious, in fact. Now, to be recognized by the Gateway system of the 3DS is not, however, simply insert the card into the slot, but you have to let the system to enter the team christened "Gateway Mode". It should be emphasized that the procedure for the GW Mode must be repeated every time the console. Also in this case we speak of a routine that takes a matter of seconds, and quite easy to do: just follow from the console menu Settings -> General Settings -> Profile -> Profile Nintendo DS. Selecting the latter option, the console will undergo a softreset (lasting 5-6 seconds) and to restart the 3DS will be able to recognize the Gateway as an original cartridge Nintendo.
  2. At this point, everything is ready to load the ROM on the microSD that can be noted in Gateway. As mentioned just above, the passage is something more than a simple copy-paste it into the microSD dump file of the game: we in effect write the image file on the media, which can contere, therefore, only the and nothing else. No files to upload or anything, manufacturers recommend using win32diskimager (available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diski...atest/download) for this part. In the program simply select the source (ie the file .3 ds, our dump), and the destination memory (microSD) and the program will write the image automatically.
  3. Finally, the nice part: just insert the microSD into the Gateway and in turn put the flashcard into the 3DS, and the game loaded will be recognized and playable (if all are done in a workmanlike manner).

    The game saves are automatically copied to the SD card that came with the 3DS, then the change of ROM on the SD does not corrupt any saved games. Simply copy the game on the microSD and the system will automatically detect if there are any available compatible bailouts for the title in question, charging them. This arrangement makes it much faster and easier exchange of ROM (or microSD) in Gateway, avoiding every time you copy the entire image in memory to avoid losing the bailouts.

Gateay 3DS banner




Official opening of pre-orders !

Gateway is please to announce start of manufacturing and the opening of pre-orders. We expect to roll out the first units to resellers within the next fortnight.

Please pay special attention to the following critical information regarding our current software development phase.

1) Yes, we are exploit based (Yay !?) and therefore very dependent on console firmware version: Our current plan is to release for firmware version 4.5 while continuing work on a solution for 6.x + after release. (please see note below)

2) Gateway will be shipped with 2 cards, the red Gateway shown in our video, which will handle 3ds backups, and a blue ds cart which will be used to prepare the console. ( more demo videos showing save game compatibility as well as setup procedures to follow soon )

3) Your console can be safely updated to 4.5 by using an original title released after March 2013 till current. Please double check the update message (version) before proceeding !


We currently have a very convenient and user friendly way to enter into our Gateway mode, while this entry point has been tested up to 6.0 we expect it to be shut off shortly after we release. We can not stress enough the importance of staying away from any further updates! ( 6.0 compatibility is only valid for our initial entry point, as stated in point (1) we currently only support firmware version 4.5 )

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Bear in mind that for playing commercial DS ROMS from R43DS cards to be legal you need to own the original games if you want to use the backup copies with the Nintendo R4 3DS flashcards. If you don't own the original game cartridges please choose to play Freeware or Homebrew games. In many countries it is illegal to play the backup copies because of piracy.

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